Designed by our 5 yr old as a way to express her Hope, Love and Healing.

What is being Born in Your Heart? Be inspired. At age 5 and recently adopted from China into our family, she needed a way to understand and express what was in her heart. She handed me an art board with this beautiful "imperfectly perfect heart design. She said,"look mommy, I was born in your heart!" I knew it was more than refrigerator art. Her art spoke a beautiful depth of Hope, Love, and Healing. We want to share her inspiring art with the world. For the past 29 years we have been designing and manufacturing jewelry. This will be our outlet we will use to share her inspiration. This is not just our story, it's YOUR story too! What is being born in your heart? Inspire and encourage yourself as well as those that come to your mind with her healing art and message.She did not let her spirit be broken in her darkest moments. She overcame and is learning to Love,Hope and Dream! As her Mommy who treasures her, I am loving this...yes I am! Thank you for supporting her restoration and big dreams. To read our full story,scroll down to the bottom of this page. Her Amazing Hope,Love, and Healing Heart design would make wonderful gifts for marriages, anniversaries, encouraging a friendship,milestones, celebrating children and pretty much every occasion. Make sure you don't forget one for yourself.

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